Online business development


Custom solutions:
Online business development, marketing strategies, web PR and SEO consultancy, mobile websites, offshore outsourcing of website and intranet creation.

Turn-Key solutions:
Reliable web hosting, domains, ecommerce packages, flat rate advertising, ready made online business systems.


About us

Obico ApS is a Danish company, CVR register No. 29691479, at Kollund, DK-6340 Krusaa, Denmark. The company is a continuation of the former Obico A/S and associated with the UK company 3W Online Interactive Communications Ltd., both founded in 1978 and doing business on the web since the early days of online marketing, 1995.

About us: Obico ApS The director, Erik Gundersen, has more than three decades of business experience on the international arena. He was a travel industry pioneer in the 1970s and an internet pioneer in the 1990s; he has has achieved excellent online marketing results in the travel and tourism sector, with methods which also apply to other sectors of businesses.

The Obico team offers services in the following languages: English, Danish, German, French, Spanish and Catalan.

Partnership opportunities throughout Europe.


March 2010:

New holiday rentals platform in progress, with space for advertising, booking management, agents and caretakers. .

February 2010:
New website launched for Globetrotters using Flash and HTML

Mobile phone hybrid website as experimental solution, as a mini-site related to

3 Jan 2010:
Full service upgraded webhosting packages for Obico clients.

Obico ApS |
Norrevej 51, Kollund
DK-6340 Krusaa, Denmark
DK: 0045 46 963 963
UK: 0044 709 227 2402
FR: 0033 667 114 222
ES: 0034 933 906 166
Fax: 0044 709 208 7367
Mail: info3(at)
Reg. CVR No. 29691479


Free evaluation of your current online business presence, and disscussion about how you can increase your sales. In plain language. Without any risk for you. Contact us today.


Holiday property owners are currently offered free and premium rental advertising at and

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