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Custom solutions:
Online business development, marketing strategies, web PR and SEO consultancy, mobile websites, offshore outsourcing of website and intranet creation.

Turn-Key solutions:
Reliable web hosting, domains, ecommerce packages, flat rate advertising, ready made online business systems..


Free marketing strategies

The most effective online marketing is free. An article posted strategically on the web is worth 10 times as much as a paid advertisement. This is a known fact. An article could be a blog, for example by an employee, a customer feedback or an independent review of your product or service. It will obviously be given greater credibility than a paid ad, both by human readers and by search engines.

To achieve the full benefits of this, your digital marketing strategies should include blogs, forums, and a dynamic website, in combination with various tools known as "web 2.0"

Web 2.0 constitutes a paradigm shift in online marketing. It may sound complicated and time consuming, but it can be easy. This is where we can help you.

With over a decade of online marketing experience, we can assist you with your online strategies and outsourcing. As a start we can offer you a free evaluation of your current online presence, and disscussion about how you can increase your sales. Without any risk for you.

Watch Inside Business inverview with Chris Baggott of Compendium Blogware, discussing the use of blogs. ( is not associated with Compendium)

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